donderdag, juni 22, 2006

IF* — dance

I stick to my point; real man don't dance
'Dancing queen + King'

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flossy-p zei

Whoa! That's cool. Perverse but cool.

I'd love to see that kind and queen on their own deck of cards!

Willie Baronet zei

Au contraire my friend. Real men DO dance. Often! :-)

Nice illo.

Jenny zei


Tony LaRocca zei

Cool job! I like that though their dancing, the screen divides them- even sharply, at the muzzle.

claudine hellmuth zei

wow! I love your work! wonderful!

AscenderRisesAbove zei

Wonderful; wonderful; wonderful... It is clear why this is the pick of the week. Congratulations!

Tatiana zei

I really like this piece. I'm very curious to know what medium this was done it.


neilornstein zei

I can see why she chose you. Congratulations! Great picture.

F L E E zei

wow, nice!
will keep a look out for your next posting.
good job!

Regiana Queiroz zei


Unknown zei

Very cool style!

Soosixty zei

Wierd but good. I like the expression on the man!

Dion zei

@ pAKAsso;
it's painted with acryl on wood (29,8 x 41,3 cm - ± 11,73 x 16,26 inch) with some collage. Kings bottom (can I say bottom here) and back is painted on old music paper
Here you can find the sketch and some details (click on the image)...

Thank you all for your kind comments...

Weichuen You zei

I really enjoy looking at the details in this illo. It's very nice of you to share the tips with us! The illo is kinda surrealist, but it's amazing. It's dynamic(the woman) and static(the man) at the same time!