dinsdag, maart 07, 2006

rood oog

Best viewed at large size...

5 opmerkingen:

Ninja Toes zei

did someone poke you in the eye?

Dion zei

No... I woke up one day with one eye red. It got worse during the week so I had to get some ointment eventualy...

Ninja Toes zei

looks painful... maybe even itchy. certainly unpleasant.

I read a few of the Sandman series back in the day, but I can't remember the last time I stepped foot in a comic shop.

Kim's Suitcase zei

sorry about the pain, but rood oog is a good sound to my english hearing ears

flossy-p zei

oh, teeheehee, When I first saw this I thought you must have just been really really stoned!

Hope it got better, btw.